About the Competition

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology competitions, International Free Mission Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Competition will be organized.

The competition aims to guide high school and equivalent school students from Turkey and TRNC and students with high school degree at Science Workshops, Science Centers, Deneyap Technology Workshops and BİLSEM, and national and international students at the undergraduate and graduate degree to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technologies, to encourage them to any flights which are scientific, technological, and/or based on ability and dexterity with different kinds of UAVs (such as fixed-wing, multi-copter, hybrid, and flapping vehicle, etc.) in any category, employing their own imagination and ideas, and to encourage them to do scientific and technical studies, and to make our country a meeting point for talented national and international students who are successful in UAV technologies.

Apart from the information given in the specification, you should be a member of the relevant mailing group from the INTERNATIONAL FREE TASK UNMANNED AERIAL COMPETITION link for other questions you want to ask about the competition.

Competition Application Deadline is 18 july!

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Competition Calender

Explanation Date
Online appeal Getting Opinion for Risky Tasks Sending Conceptual Design Report 10 January 2022 - 7 Mart 2022 - 17:00
Disclosure of Conceptual Design Report Results 24 March 2022
Uploading and Submission of Commitment and Consent 24 March - 04 April 2022
Detailed Design Video Submission 20 June - 18 July 2022 - 17:00
Deadline for Withdrawal, Team Manager, Advisor and Member Change 7 July 2022
Detailed Design Video Results Announcement It will be announced after the completion of DTV Reception.
Mission – Flight Order Announcement 20–30.07.2022
Competition Week 9 August - 14 August 2022 Kütahya - Zafer havalimanı
TEKNOFEST UAV Exhibition and Award Ceremony 30 August - 4 September 2022


Golden Performance Award 50.000,00 TL
Silver Performance Award 45.000,00 TL
Bronze Performance Award 40.000,00 TL


Degree Team Name
1- Gold (Free Duty) VEFA HAVACILIK
3- Gold (Free Duty) WHİTE EAGLE
4- (Silver) Free mission PAK SHAHEENS
5- (Silver) Free Mission ITUNOM UAV TEAM
6- (Silver) Free Mission DRONOS
7- (Bronze) Free Mission İTÜ ALBATROS B
8- (Bronze) Free Mission ROVENSE
9- (Bronze) Free Mission FLYROSE

Competition Specification