Great Interest to TEKNOFEST Ankara

President Erdoğan visited TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aerospace, and Technology Festival.

Erdoğan presented awards to the winners of the TEKNOFEST Rocket and Startup Competition on the third day of TEKNOFEST, which concluded with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people at Ankara Etimesgut Airport.


President Erdoğan said: "The growing interest in TEKNOFEST, where the number of participants and visitors increases year by year, truly delights us because TEKNOFEST is like my own child.”

Speaking at TEKNOFEST, which brought together technology enthusiasts to celebrate the 'National Technology Initiative' for a fully independent Türkiye on the centenary of the Republic, Erdoğan said: “Six years ago, in 2017, I had the privilege of holding my granddaughter Aybüke in one arm and embracing the TEKNOFEST in its early stages with the other. I personally witnessed the growth, expansion, and development of this beautiful festival, which has become a symbol of both my granddaughter and the National Technology Initiative. I have learned that one million young people from primary school to doctorate level applied for the 2023 TEKNOFEST, which is a significant milestone for our country and our nation. This tableau is the tableau of Türkiye’s Century.”

For those who want to see the freedom passion that runs through the veins of this nation, which never bows down in the most challenging times, come and look here. The only duty of those who take the helm to govern the state, develop the country, and serve the people is to fulfill this responsibility on behalf of the nation. Defending the homeland is not something that can be achieved with empty words or idleness. Therefore, what makes flags into flags is the blood spilled on them, and if there are those who have died for the sake of this land, then it is a homeland. We will work tirelessly and without rest to be worthy of our ancestors and to protect our future. You will be the Cezaris, Harezmis, Ibn-i Sinas, Mimar Sinans, Ali Kuşçus, Hezarfen Çelebis, and Katip Çelebis of our time so that we do not give opportunities to those who cast their eyes on our independence and future. We are here to support you at every stage with our support and encouragement, so that you do not meet the fate of Nuri Demirağ, Vecihi Hürkuş, Şakir Zümre, and Nuri Killigil.

We will work tirelessly and without rest so that we can protect our future. Our country has experienced times when it was said, 'Stay a worker, you are just a worker,' as in the song of the late Cem Karaca, and obstacles were placed in front of us in every field. But now, if you dare, we have a youth that sends rockets into space. Now, we have our İHAs and SİHAs. Now, we have our Akıncıs. With all of these, we are in the skies."

Exhibitions, Events, Science Street...

Technology and Startup competitions, fair event areas, along with workshops for children aged 6-14 in the Science Street, the Air and Land Vehicles Exhibition, Planetarium, Vertical Wind Tunnel, Climate Tunnel, Virtual Reality Tunnel, Solar Observation Activity, Space-themed Inflatable Game Park, First Flight Activity with Students, Pedal Flight Activity, Refik Anadol's 'Machine Memories: Space' Exhibition, 'The Stage Is Yours' Event, and many more activities filled the festival with excitement and pride once again. As in previous years, participant companies also had promotional and activity booths at TEKNOFEST in Ankara. 

Breath-Taking Air Shows

Domestically-produced and national aircraft, including Hürkuş, Gökbey, Aksungur, Bayraktar TB2, Bayraktar TB3, Jandarma Çelik Kanatlar, Atack Helicopter, and Anka, performed airshows in the skies of Ankara. A joint formation flight by the Turkish Stars and Akıncı, as well as the thrilling performance by SOLOTÜRK, received great applause from the audience..

TEKNOFEST Startup Competition in Ankara for the First Time...

For the first time this year in Ankara and İzmir, which are the second and third stops of TEKNOFEST 2023, the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition is being organized with the aim of turning the projects of the teams that applied for TEKNOFEST Competitions into startups, promoting the growth of these startups, and thereby enhancing Türkiye's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition, which aims to expand the project portfolio of the domestically developed Deneyap Kart and bring project productivity together with high-tech enthusiasts, is also being held for the first time at TEKNOFEST Ankara. Within the framework of the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition, a total prize pool of more than 7 million TL is waiting for winners, while the Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition offers a total of 270,000 TL in prizes.

A total of 2,419 teams and 8,945 participants applied for the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition in 10 different categories, while the Deneyap Kart Robolig Competition received applications from 1,276 teams and 5,404 participants. Hundreds of young people are competing at TEKNOFEST Ankara with the goal of advancing Türkiye's National Technology Initiative even further. The TEKNOFEST Startup Competition includes categories such as Education Technologies, Space, Aviation and Defense Technologies, Transportation and Mobility Technologies, Agriculture Technologies, Communication and Information Technologies, and Disaster Management Technologies, all taking place in Ankara."

Pre Take Off Events at TEKNOFEST Ankara

The preliminary events of the Take Off Startup Summit, which will be held in December 2023 in Istanbul with the aim of contributing to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, are starting first at TEKNOFEST Ankara and then at TEKNOFEST Izmir. The Take Off Startup Summit Preliminary Event winners will receive a total cash prize of 2,225,000 TL and the opportunity to participate in the Take Off Startup Summit, under the main coordination of Türkiye Technology Team Foundation, the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye, and the Presidential Investment Office.

With the goal of fostering a technologically advanced Türkiye, the event is organized in collaboration with 125 institutions, including ministries, presidencies, public and private sector organizations, academic institutions, and media companies, all playing a critical role in our country's national technology ecosystem.

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