Awards Found Their Owners in TEKNOFEST İzmir

TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival continues in Izmir with all its excitement and enthusiasm. At TEKNOFEST, which completed the third day of the festival with the participation of President Erdoğan, the winners of the technology competitions organized with the aim of a Turkey that develops technology received their awards. 


President Erdoğan is stating that he is excited to reach the 100th anniversary of the Republic in his speech at TEKNOFEST, "We are trying to celebrate this turning point of our history in accordance with its meaning and importance. We are trying to bring the century-old glory of our Republic to our youth with various events spread over a wide area. " said.

President Erdoğan continued his words as follows: We want as many young people as possible to benefit from the enthusiasm of TEKNOFEST and the wonderful atmosphere of TEKNOFEST. For this purpose, we decided to organize TEKNOFEST in three provinces instead of a single province. TEKNOFEST Istanbul, held at Atatürk Airport National Garden between 27 April and 1 May, broke its own record with 2 million 247 thousand visitors. At a time when Turkey's defense industry moves were targeted for political reasons, more than 2 million young people supported TEKNOFEST. Our festival was Ankara's guest on 30 August Victory Day. We hosted 943 thousand visitors, mostly young people, at TEKNOFEST Ankara. For four days, our young people from Ankara experienced a real technology feast. Today, we are in beautiful Izmir, the last stop of TEKNOFEST 2023."

President Erdoğan, wishing that TEKNOFEST would be beneficial to the city, country, nation, especially the youth, thanked the people of Izmir for hosting the festival. President Erdoğan said, "Like all our other provinces, our young people from Izmir show great interest in TEKNOFEST. We are pleased to see that people from all age groups and walks of life come to Çiğli Air Base and witness this display of pride." he said.

I believe that it will be an event worthy of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic

President Erdoğan stating that his hopes for the country increase as he sees the happiness, joy and enthusiasm of young people who are curious about technology "I believe that the festival, which has hosted 330 thousand visitors so far, will be an event worthy of Izmir and the 100th anniversary of our Republic in every respect." he said. 

Inviting young people from Izmir, as well as young people living in surrounding cities, to TEKNOFEST Izmir, President Erdogan said, "Come, do not miss the opportunity to experience the world's largest aerospace and technology festival. Get organized with your friends. Hold the hands of your children and grandchildren. Encourage those you know who are interested in technology. "Help and support those who do not have the means, if necessary, but be sure to find a way and create an opportunity and come to Çiğli Air Base and see the vision, horizon, effort and success here."

After his speech, President Erdoğan gave awards to the young people who won the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition. The winners of the TEKNOFEST Startup Competition held in Izmir received a total prize of 1 million 950 thousand TL.

TEKNOFEST Startup Competition Environment, Energy and Climate Technologies 

  The Best Startup Awards Category of Pre-incubation
-    OCADO
-    ECOFLEX    

The Best Startup Awards Category of Acceleration 

TEKNOFEST Startup The Barrier-Free Living Technologies Competition

  The Best Startup Awards Category of Pre-incubation 
-    Türkiye Kapsayıcılık Takımı
-    70,48

The Best Startup Awards Category of Acceleration 

TEKNOFEST Startup Artificial Intelligence in Health Competition

 The Best Startup Awards Category of Pre-incubation

The Best Startup Awards Category of Acceleration 
-    HEVİ Aİ

TEKNOFEST Startup Tourism Technologies Competition

  The Best Startup Awards Category of Pre-incubation 

Students Were Sweat Blood at the Deneyap Ideathon and Deneyap Makeathon Competition

The Ideathon and Deneyap Makeathon Competition, held at TEKNOFEST Izmir specifically for the students of Deneyap Technology Workshop, continued with the great excitement of the students. Within the scope of the competition, it is aimed for students to strengthen their idea development processes and presentation skills, and at the same time to experience the productization process and brand development. 28 teams are competing in the Deneyap Ideathon, where 913 team applications were received, and 32 finalist teams are competing in the Deneyap Makeathon, where 1005 team applications were received.

"Rafadan Tayfa Technological Crew" and "Hürkuş and Gökbey Musical" on the main stage on the third day of TEKNOFEST, organized at İzmir Çiğli Airport under the leadership of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, attracted great attention from the participants. Visitors can also visit "Vertical Wind Tunnel", "Climate Tunnel", "Solar Observation", "Planetarium", "Space Themed Children's Park", "Simulation Experience Areas", "Stakeholder-Sponsor Participant Stand Activities", "Land and Air Vehicle Exhibition" ", "Hot Air Balloon" and "Pedal Flight Activity". TEKNOFEST Science Hall Workshops and participatory workshops organized by stakeholders and sponsors continued throughout the day.

Solo Türk ve Türk Yıldızları performed another magnificent demonstration flight in the skies of Izmir. The performance of Jandarma Çelik Kanatlar, Paramotor, and Atak Helicopter, one of the domestic and national production aircraft, also received great applause at the festival.  

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