Smart Transportation Competition

About the Competition

The Smart Transportation Competition has been organized within TEKNOFEST in the context of investing in this area from today and establishing a productive unit considering the transportation of the future. The aim is to contribute to developing a vision for the desired level of achievement in the area of “smart transportation”.
Contestants are expected to reduce travel duration, increase traffic safety as well as increase mobility, provide energy efficiency and to develop and present environmentally friendly projects. 

Contestants can develop projects based on the themes suggested below:

- Producing innovative mobility solutions with an integrated and smart transportation approach
- Terminal inside/outside smart transportation approaches and innovative mobility solutions
- Digital application mobility experiences
- Disabled friendly airport solutions and their integration to mobile applications
- Smart payment systems/pricing systems
- Digital travel and perfect mobility experience solutions
- Meeting technological and service needs intended for transportation needs
- Redesigning city transportation with innovative solutions for environmental sustainability
- Developing projects which will transform mobility in cities into a simple, efficient and flowing state
- Real time traffic monitoring 

Eligible Participant Education Levels for the Competition

- Primary and Middle School Students
- High School Students
- Associate Degree Students, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and PhD Students
- Graduates

Report Phases 

- Project Pre-Assessment Form  
- Project Introduction Video
- Project Detail Report

Apart from the information given in the specification, for any other questions you want to ask about the competition, you must be a member of the related mailing group from the SMART TRANSPORT COMPETITION GROUP link. The questions you will ask and the answers to these questions will be clear to the other members of the mailing group. The templates for the reports that the contestants need to prepare will be announced on the TEKNOFEST website in the future.

Competition Application Deadline 15 MARCH!


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Explanation History
Competition Application Deadline 15.03.2021
Project Pre-Evaluation Report and Project Introduction Video Deadline 09.04.2021
Announcement of the Teams who passed the pre-selection according to the Project Pre-Evaluation Report and Project Introduction Video Results 11.05.2021
Project Detail Report Deadline 17.06.2021
Project Detail Report Results, Financial Support Winner and Finals Disclosure of Remaining Teams 09-14.07.2021
TEKNOFEST 21-26 September 2021

Q: Will people who are not registered on the accommodation and transportation form in KYK be able to stay with payment?
A: People who are not registered in the form will not be able to stay in KYK even if they pay a fee. It should be noted that this year, visitors and team members will not be admitted to the area due to the pandemic.


Q: Can we arrange the accommodation by our own means?
A: No, TEKNOFEST Committee provides accommodation for all teams that made it to the finals in the competitions.

Q: When I apply to the technology competition, do I also apply for the support request, can you give information about the supports?


A: No. Applying to the contest and requesting support in relation to the contest applied for are different things. The support requests of the teams will be received on the page that will be opened during report upload. The support applications will be evaluated by the Advisory and Evaluation Board of the relevant competition and the teams deemed appropriate will be supported. Applying for support does not necessarily mean that support will be received. After the financial support applications, the IBAN NO will be requested from the teams that are eligible for support and the support amount will be deposited into the accounts. It is not possible to provide an equal amount of support to the teams that are entitled to financial support. After evaluating the support amounts and the materials to be purchased, an upper limit will be determined. The amount of financial support to be given will be determined by evaluating the request lists and reports of the teams.

Q: Can you give a general information about the reports?

A: It will be prepared in three different stages as Project Pre-Evaluation Report, Project Detail Report and competition scoring. Teams that do not submit the Project Pre-Evaluation Report and Project Detail Report files will not be eligible to participate in the competition.

Q: Can we determine our transportation route ourselves?

A: After the relevant form expires, competitors will be called and informed about the ticket information and type, transportation will be via the determined route. In addition, if there is any information to be specified for transportation, you need to be informed when the relevant unit contacts you.


Q: If we want to come to the contest with our own vehicle, is it possible to provide financial support?

A: Transport support is provided as a ticket only. In addition fuel etc. supports will not be provided.

Q: We worked with 2 advisors from our school on our projects, can we write them both as consultants?
A: Only one consultant is accepted.


Q: Can we change the name of our project?
A: You can replace it with a title that best describes and describes your project.


Q: We did not have a consultant while applying with our project and entering the pre-evaluation report information. Can we add a consultant?
A: You can only have one consultant. If necessary, you should edit the consultancy document and assignment letter you will send at the second report stage on behalf of the new consultant and upload them to the system.


Q: When writing the project detail report, does our prototype need to be completed?
A: Prototyping is not mandatory at this stage. In the detailed report, you can write which materials will be used, how and why, how you will obtain them and the estimated budget. However, testing, simulation and analysis related to the project

You need to do your work and indicate in your reports.


Q: We shot the test video of the prototype of our project and we need to put a video in the report so that the report can be understood better.
A: You can add the test video link of the prototype to your report. This evaluation is regarded and evaluated as positive.

Project Detail Report Template

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The awards to be given in the competition are as follows:




First: 12.000 ₺

Second: 7.000 ₺

Third: 4.000 ₺



First: 12.000 ₺

Second: 7.000 ₺

Third: 4.000 ₺



First: 15.000 ₺

Second: 10.000 ₺

Third: 5.000 ₺

Contest Application Form (Advanced Category) Updating

Contest Application Form (Free Category) Updating

Opportunities for Competitors

    Internship opportunities in Turkey's technology institutions will be provided.
    Turkey under the Technology Team, conducted by the Foundation for the National Team Program Support Technology Teams are provided with incentives through orientation and support programs for international competitions.

    Young students who are trained to develop technology are given the opportunity to explain projects and inspire them.

    Training programs will be organized for the finalist teams with the participation of the executive institution and advisory board members.
    Teams with the participation of the executive and advisory board members Meetings where projects, evaluation criteria and processes can direct questions to the advisory board will be planned.

    In order to support the projects of thousands of young people, a total of over 5 million TL material support is provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage.
    Transportation / Accomodation support is provided to the finalist teams for their competitions at TEKNOFEST 2021 Atatürk Airport.
    TEKNOFEST 2021 will be awarded over 5 Million TL awards to the teams that qualified for İstanbul.

    By organizing technical tours, it is provided to on-site inspection of working on leading technological firms of Turkey.
    TEKNOFEST, which hosts hundreds of companies on technical trips, provides the opportunity to get to know experts in every field.
    On technical trips, the opportunity to meet expert engineers about business and professional life is provided.
    On technical trips, people who have worked in technology companies have the opportunity to listen to their experiences and increase motivation.

Competition Documents

Teknofest 2021 Covid-19 Precautions

At TEKNOFEST 2021, we kindly request that each of our visitors and participants pay attention to the basic principles of the anti-epidemic process and the decisions taken in order to minimize the risk posed by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in terms of public health and public order.


The Stage ıs Yours At Teknofest!

The stage is belong to the young at TEKNOFEST!


Desired Assignment, Consultancy And Consultant Change Drafts For Teknofest 2021 Competitions Published! Desired Assignment, Consultancy And Consultant Change Drafts For Teknofest 2021 Competitions Published!

Assignment Letter, Consultancy and Consultant Change letter requested in TEKNOFEST 2021 Specifications has been published.


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TEKNOFEST 2021 Travel Datathon Competition will be held. JULY 05, APPLICATION DEADLINE to win the competition in TEKNOFEST 2021 Istanbul


Teknofest 2021 Take Off ınternational Startup Summit Applications Have Started!

Take Off International Startup Summit will be held within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2021. To get the right to compete in TEKNOFEST 2021 Istanbul, THE APPLICATION DEADLINE is 30 JUNE!