Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition

About the Competition

Today, underwater research is being conducted with various purposes such as protecting and studying natural resources in civil and military practices, ensuring the security of the country. A significant part of recent academic and industrial research has focused on the use of unmanned vehicles to reduce risking lives and to reduce costs in underwater or marine studies. 
In line with this need, our goal is that teams design vehicles will successfully accomplish the missions in the scenarios given to them.
We expect production and development of underwater vehicles which are operated by remote control and/or vehicles which can operate autonomously.
We want to lead development of original vehicles and bring the field to a wider audience across the country. 

The competition consists of Junior Category and Senior Categories.

Mission for the Junior Category
First Phase (Missions Controlled Remotely)
A.    Underwater Hockey Mission
B.    Underwater Installation Mission 
Second Phase (Autonomous Mission)
A.  Door Passing Mission

Mission for the Senior Category
A.  Mission for Passing through the Gate
B.  Detection of Submarine and Positioning of Underwater Vehicle
C.  Target Identification and Destruction

Eligible Participant Education Levels for the Competition
-    High School Students
-    Associate Degree Students, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students and PhD Students
Reporting Phases
-    Preliminary Design Report
-    Critical Design Report
-    Movement Capability Video 
-    Final Assessment Report

Apart from the information given in the specification, for any other questions you want to ask about the competition, you must be a member of the relevant mail group from the UNMANNED UNDERWATER COMPETITION GROUP link. The questions you will ask and the answers to these questions will be clear to the other members of the mailing group. Templates for the reports that competitors need to prepare will be announced on the TEKNOFEST website in the future.

Competition Application Deadline 15 MARCH!

Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition Specifications

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Explanation History
The Last Date of Application for Competition 15 March 2021
Due Date for Submitting the Preliminary Design Report 31 March 2021
The announcement of Teams Passed the Elimination and Eligible for Pre-Financial Support According to the Results of the Preliminary Design Report 23 April 2021
Giving general information and Q&A meeting 4-5 May 2021
Due Date for Submitting the Critical Design Report 10 June 2021
Critical Design Report Results and Announcement of Teams Receiving Financial Support 28-30 June 2021
Last Submission for Videos of Impermeability and Movement Capability of Underwater Vehicles 5 August 2021
The announcement of the Teams Eligible for Competing in Finals 10-12 August 2021
Contest Date 16-19 Sept. 2021


Q: Does the control of the robot we will build have to be wired or can it be controlled with a remote control as well?
A: Remote controlled is also accepted. You can examine the specification in detail.


Q: Can we make changes on the model, chassis, prototype specified in the preliminary design report, after the report is submitted and approved?
A: Yes, it can be done. Changes made during the critical design report stage are requested in the report. The changes are expected to be announced with their reasons at the reporting stage.


Q: When specifying the design of the robot in the PDR, is it obligatory to be 3-dimensional or is the normal drawing also accepted?
A: In the PDR stage, you are expected to explain the mechanical design processes of the vehicle step by step. It is expected that the visuals of a three-dimensional design example of the vehicle (render, prototype photo, etc.) will be included and explain the design.


Q: Will we send the assignment and consultancy documents as a paper print or over the internet?
A: It will be requested from you through the system with the preliminary design report.




Q: Is it necessary for vehicles that will use the energy provided by the Committee to use an emergency button?
A: There will be an emergency stop button on the vehicle (only for battery vehicles) and at the control station.


Q: Can we use more than 1 camera for image processing?
A: Yes, you can use more than one camera.


Q: 3.2. Should there be electronics (sensors, cameras, control cards, etc.) in the materials that are required to be explained and listed in the Materials section under the title of Mechanical Design of the vehicle? Otherwise, only heading 3.3.1. Should it be mentioned under the Electronic Pre-Design Process?
A: Mechanical design process section, materials section; The materials planned to be used in the production of the vehicle (engines, vehicle skeleton, floaters, etc.), the properties of the materials are explained and a possible material list is given. Sub-components to be taken ready and / or developed / designed should be specified. Title 3.3.1 of electronic materials only. Should you be mentioned under Electronic Pre-Design Process. In the electronic pre-design process section, we expect you to specify your materials such as sensors, cameras, control cards, etc., the purpose of use, why you chose this material and information about the materials.


Q: Is there any inconvenience or inconvenience in taking and delivering the required amount of water from the motor and the pool to the tank in order to immerse and remove our vehicle in water? For this process, is it appropriate to provide air intake from outside to the chamber with an empty pipe next to the external supply and communication cables?
A: After the underwater vehicle is completely dropped into the water, it should be shown that there is no air bubble on the water surface. For this reason, it is not suitable to be done with the method you specified.


Q: Could you open the loose piece a little more?
A: There will be no loose parts (camera etc.) on the underwater vehicle.




Q: Will the manipulator arm be included when calculating the size?
A: The biggest part of underwater robots (except manipulator arm, width-length-height) will not exceed 90 cm.


Q: The specification says (Width-Length-Height excluding manipulator arm) will not exceed 90cm. He says that the size of the vehicle will be based on the longest dimension of <= 50cm. Does this include a robot arm?
A: The robot arm is not included.


Q: Is it OK to have the programming card out of the vehicle?
A: Must be in the vehicle.




Q: How many Volt and how many Amper will the energy given by Teknofest?
A: This year teams must participate in the competition with their own power sources. A power source will not be provided by the Teknofest Committee.


Q: Should the converters we use to obtain the voltage values valid for our vehicle have to be inside the vehicle, can we perform this process outside the pool? Can we convert 220V AC to DC voltage outside the pool and use it?
A:  In the title 4 of the specification, it is stated that DC-DC conversion should be done in the robot. There will be no unit other than robot for power conversions.


Q: Can you give a general information about the reports?
A: Evaluation; Preliminary Design Report, Critical Design Report, Final Report, Locality, Originality and competition scoring will be made under six different headings. A total of 3 reports will be prepared within the scope of the competition. These will be in the form of Preliminary Design Report, Critical Design Report and Post-competition Final Evaluation Report. Teams that do not submit the Preliminary Design, Critical Design Report and impermeability and mobility video will not be eligible to participate in the competition.

Q: When I apply to the technology competition, do I also apply for the support request, can you give information about the supports?
A: No. Applying to the contest and requesting support in relation to the contest he applied for are different things. The support requests of the teams will be received from the page that will be opened during report upload. Support applications will be evaluated by the Advisory and Evaluation Board of the relevant competition and the teams deemed appropriate will be supported. Applying for support does not necessarily mean that support will be received. After the financial support applications, the IBAN NO will be requested from the teams that are entitled to support and the support amount will be deposited into the accounts. It is not possible to provide equal amount of support to the teams that are entitled to financial support. After evaluating the support amounts and the materials to be purchased, an upper limit will be determined. The amount of financial support to be given will be determined by evaluating the request lists and reports of the teams.///MADDİ DESTEK

Q: Will people who are not registered in the accommodation and transportation form of KYK be able to stay with payment?
A: People who are not registered in the form will not be able to stay in KYK even if they pay a fee.


Q: Can we make the stay by our own means?
A: No, everyone within the body of Teknofest must stay in the designated places.(Pandemic Conditions)

Q: Can we determine our transportation route ourselves?
A: After the relevant form expires, the contestants will be called and informed about the ticket information and type.


Q: If we want to come to the contest with our own vehicle, is it possible to provide financial support?
A: Transport support is provided as a ticket only. In addition fuel etc. supports will not be provided.

Unmanned Underwater Systems Competition Critical Design Report Template

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The awards to be given in the competition are as follows:


Junior Category

First: ₺ 35.000

Second: ₺ 25.000

Third: ₺ 15.000

Senior Category

First: ₺ 50.000

Second: ₺ 40.000

Third: ₺ 30.000






Contest Application Form (Advanced Category) Updating

Contest Application Form (Free Category) Updating

Opportunities for Competitors

    Internship opportunities in Turkey's technology institutions will be provided.
    Turkey under the Technology Team, conducted by the Foundation for the National Team Program Support Technology Teams are provided with incentives through orientation and support programs for international competitions.

    Young students who are trained to develop technology are given the opportunity to explain projects and inspire them.

    Training programs will be organized for the finalist teams with the participation of the executive institution and advisory board members.
    Teams with the participation of the executive and advisory board members Meetings where projects, evaluation criteria and processes can direct questions to the advisory board will be planned.

    In order to support the projects of thousands of young people, a total of over 5 million TL material support is provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage.
    Transportation / Accomodation support is provided to the finalist teams for their competitions at TEKNOFEST 2021 Atatürk Airport.
    TEKNOFEST 2021 will be awarded over 5 Million TL awards to the teams that qualified for İstanbul.

    By organizing technical tours, it is provided to on-site inspection of working on leading technological firms of Turkey.
    TEKNOFEST, which hosts hundreds of companies on technical trips, provides the opportunity to get to know experts in every field.
    On technical trips, the opportunity to meet expert engineers about business and professional life is provided.
    On technical trips, people who have worked in technology companies have the opportunity to listen to their experiences and increase motivation.

Competition Documents

Teknofest 2021 Covid-19 Precautions

At TEKNOFEST 2021, we kindly request that each of our visitors and participants pay attention to the basic principles of the anti-epidemic process and the decisions taken in order to minimize the risk posed by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in terms of public health and public order.


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