Teknofest 2021 Covid-19 Precautions

Teknofest 2021 Covid-19 Precautions

At TEKNOFEST 2021, we kindly request that each participant and visitor pay attention to the cleaning, mask and distance rules, which are the basic principles of the fight against the epidemic, in order to minimize the risk posed by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in terms of public health and public order.
As of Monday, September 6, 2021, people who are not vaccinated; A PCR test with a negative result has been mandatory for the participation of citizens in activities such as concerts, cinemas and theaters. In this framework, operators/organizers will be asked for a vaccine/past disease (according to the period considered scientifically immune after Covid-19 disease – 6 months) or a negative PCR test made a maximum of 48 hours ago, via the HES code, at the entrance to the events.
If the person has not had the disease in the last 6 months or has not been vaccinated for 2 doses or has a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed to participate in the event.
Only people who have been vaccinated for 1 dose and have had a coronavirus disease in the last 6 months will be able to enter the activity area.
In order for a person to be considered vaccinated for 2 doses, 14 days must have passed since the 2nd dose of vaccine.
Visitors who are not Turkish citizens are required to show their vaccination card or a negative PCR test performed 48 hours ago at the entrance.
By the governorships/district governorships, PCR test control over the HES code may be required by the decisions of the Provincial/District Hygiene Board for the unvaccinated or unvaccinated persons who will benefit from other activities or activities in which the people are collectively present in their provinces/districts.
With the epidemic process, it is seen that behaviors such as hugging and shaking hands, which are avoided in line with the distance rule, have become widespread in the society especially recently. Although it is a part of our culture, it is of great importance to stay away from activities such as handshaking / hugging, which increase the spread of the epidemic, for a while during the fight against the epidemic.
According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, we state that our exhibitors and visitors who do not meet the conditions stated below cannot be admitted to the festival area, based on the above paragraphs, at the TEKNOFEST 2021 Aerospace and Technology Festival which will take place at Atatürk Airport between September 21-26, and we kindly ask you to pay attention to the precautions.

1) In order to enter the festival area, it is mandatory to enter the HES code during registration.
2) Those who do not register on the website will not be able to enter the festival area.
3) Our exhibitors and visitors who have completed two doses of vaccine will be able to enter the area through the control to be made through the HES codes integrated into the system, provided that they register on the website.
4) Participants and visitors whose two doses of vaccine have not been completed will register on the website and enter the festival area by checking the negative PCR test results that have not exceeded 48 hours during the festival, via the HES codes integrated into the system.
5) Although there is no registration requirement for our visitors under the age of 18, they will be able to enter the festival area with the submission of the HES code, accompanied by their parents who meet the above conditions.
6) Each participant and visitor in the festival area should be sensitive to the rules of cleaning, mask and distance.

Considering the pandemic conditions and outdoor conditions; Although the festival area is 450 thousand square meters, a maximum of 100 thousand people will be admitted to the area. Each visitor or participant receives 4m2 of area. Our booth and competition areas have been prepared according to the Covid-19 pandemic measures. Events to be held at the stands will also be organized within the scope of pandemic measures.

In line with the circular of the T.R. Ministry of Interior dated 6 September 2021;
• General Precautions To Be Taken In Outdoor Activities
Participants/visitors must comply with the rules taken within the scope of COVID-19 and must wear masks when entering the area, and must not remove their masks during the event. Those who do not show the necessary sensitivity about wearing masks will be warned. Those who insist on not wearing a mask must be taken out of the activity area. From the beginning to the end of the festival, behaviors that will cause the violation of social distance will be avoided. Information posters about COVID-19 measures (hand washing, mask use, social distance and rules to be followed in the workplace) will be hung at the festival area and entrances. Entrances and exits will be arranged in such a way as to prevent people from contacting each other.

• Precautions To Be Taken For The Personnel In Charge Of Activities To Be Held In Open Spaces
Personnel showing signs of COVID-19 (with symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory distress), diagnosed with COVID-19 or who are in contact with COVID-19 will not be employed, and the re-employment of the personnel will be managed by the Provincial Health Directorate in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines.
Those who have symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory distress among the working personnel will be directed to the relevant health institution in isolation by wearing a medical mask. It will be ensured that all working personnel wear masks in accordance with the rules and change the mask as it gets damp or dirty. Maintaining 2 meters of social distance and maintaining the use of masks will be observed in personnel rest areas. As the mask will be removed while eating or drinking water/tea/coffee, it will be ensured that the 2 meters social distance between people is maintained and the working personnel pay attention to hand hygiene. All personnel (light maker, cameraman, stage staff, etc.) involved in the festival organization will wear masks.

• Environment Cleaning, Disinfection And Ventilation In Outdoor Activities
The closed parts of the festival area will be ventilated and cleaned daily. Frequently used areas will be cleaned more frequently, and attention will be paid to the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (such as door handles, telephone handsets, table surfaces).
Use of medical masks and gloves by cleaning personnel; After cleaning, it will be ensured that the personnel take off their masks and gloves and throw them in the pedal, covered trash bin, wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and use hand antiseptics in the absence of soap and water.

• Precautions To Be Taken At Washbasins And Toilets In Outdoor Activities
Posters about hand washing and mask use will be hung in the toilets; hand dryers will not be used except for hand dryers working with hepa filtered air flow. Liquid soap will be provided in the toilets.
• Precautions To Be Taken After The Event
During the evacuation of the area after the festival, measures will be taken against crowd formation and the area will be emptied accordingly. Precautions will be taken so as not to create crowds in the car parks; Announcements will be made before and after the festival on social distancing, wearing masks, hand hygiene, arranging visitor areas and emptying areas after the festival.

          In order for us to have a healthy, enthusiastic and effective festival, we kindly ask you to comply with the measures and measures taken above.