TEKNOFEST 2023 Pardus 21 Debbugging and Suggestion Contest Applications Started

Applications for the Pardus 21 Debugging and Suggestion Contest, held as part of TEKNOFEST, have started. In the competition, which will be held with the cooperation of Bilişim Vadisi, of which TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM and Pardus Project are founding members, the prizes will be awarded 20 thousand TL for the first place, 10 thousand TL for the second and 5 thousand TL for the third.

The competition, which was held with the aim of spreading the use of Pardus, contributing to the strengthening of the Pardus ecosystem, and getting error detection and suggestions on Pardus 2.3, will be open to all participants who are interested in open source software, curious about Pardus 2.3 and want to contribute to Pardus.

Participants within the competition; They will be able to submit their own different suggestions as well as submit their applications in the categories of Functional errors / suggestions, Performance errors / suggestions, Usability errors / suggestions, Security Vulnerabilities and Localization errors / suggestions.

Make more mistakes/suggestions, get more points!

Participants have to go to https://teknofest.org and complete their applications by February 1, 2023. Participation in the competition is done individually. It is necessary to participate in the competition with error and improvement notification requests to be entered through the address. For documentation of error notification/correction requests; The complete description of the error, its presentation as a screenshot, its solution or solution proposal must be specified.

Contestants' error/suggestion request entries will be evaluated by looking at the type of error and/or suggestion, their degree of importance, and whether the error/suggestion and its solution are well defined. Competitors will be able to get plus points if they develop the necessary patch for their proposed solution and share it with the Pardus team. In addition, the number of errors/suggestions reported will also earn points for the contestants. After the application process is completed, the contestants will be able to participate by logging in on talep.pardus.org.tr between 27 December 2022 and 20 February 2023.